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About Luctor et Emergo
Luctor et Emergo's mission: 

mission of Luctor et Emergo is to offer a casual guild with a friendly atmosphere, and to be active in all aspects of the game.

About Luctor et Emergo:

Luctor et Emergo was founded march 2009 @Arathor-EU as a casual guild on Alliance side, offering members a nice place to stay and level up in a friendly surrounding. Over the years the game changed a lot, but our mission will always be the same. We like to do all the game content from questing to raiding in a drama free and friendly atmosphere.

Joining Luctor et Emergo:

If you want to become a member of our guild, putting in an application here is the way to start, you find it on the left side of this page.
No matter if your a veteran player, a new(b) player or a verry casual player, our guild will have a spot for you.

Extra info:

Since Arathor has been merged with Hellfire, people that play on Hellfire can now be invited to our guild aswell.

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